Why does the Franka IK Picking example only work in the PhysX backend?

Is there any specific reason why the Franka IK Picking example doesn’t work with Flex backend? Will the inverse kinematics implementation in this example still work in Flex?


Hi @yuan.truyenbao,

We are building our future-facing tensor oriented interfaces to physics around the PhysX API, and we will not be supporting Flex in future versions of Gym as its functionality is transitioned to Omniverse. Instead, we are working to migrate features like soft body support from Flex into PhysX for that transition.

Is there a specific reason you are looking to use the Jacobian / IK features from Flex rather than PhysX?

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I also have the same question as OP. A main reason is softbody manipulation, in which we control a robot arm grab cloth or softbodies.

Hi @buoyancy99

We’ll have soft body support in PhysX in Omniverse, so that limitation will go away.

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