Why doesn't my Mellanox MCX311A-XCAT network card sit correctly on my SuperMicro X10SRH-CF Motherboard PCI slot?

The high profile bracket disengages my Mellanox MCX311A-XCAT card from the PCI slot when I try to secure the bracket to my chassis with a screw. In short, the card does not sit correctly with the included high profile bracket. Do I need to buy a different high profile bracket?

My SuperMicro X10SRH-CF Motherboard has the PCI slots listed below:

  • (PCH) Slot 2/3 PCI-Express 2.0 (one x2 in x4 slot, one x4 in x8 slot)
  • (CPU) Slot 4/5/6/7 PCI-Exp

Which PCI slot should my Mellanox MCX311A-XCAT card be installed to?


Please refer the ConnectX-3 HW user manual