Why doesn't the connector support 3DS Max 2025?

If the 3DS Max connector came out on 4/4/2024 which was after the release date of 3DS Max 2025 which I think was in March, why doesn’t the connector support it?

I am sure we will be updating it soon. We can’t always update the code that fast. Does it actually not install or it installs but does not work ?

Thank you for letting us know 2025 support is important to you.
We are in the process of updating our connector to be compatible with 3ds Max 2025.
In the meantime you can use the USD plugin for 3ds Max 2025 provided by Autodesk wlto handle USD Import/Export.

I know but I thought that they would’ve added support before they released it since it was already out by that time. Also, I had 3DS Max open and the installer asked me to close it so I did then it said that I don’t have 3DS Max installed so I think it just doesn’t work.

Oh, Thank you for letting me know :)

We will let you know when it’s out.