Why export mesh from SP creates a new project?

I don’t seem to be able to just send a mesh from SP to Create without creating a new project

Hello @HansVanEven! Could you give me a few more details of your workflow and the settings you use? If it helps, here is a link to our documentation: Substance 3D Painter — Omniverse Connect documentation

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Hello Wendy, here is my workflow in Blender I’d like tbe able to use in Create, I also sent this to Terry in discord:

  • I have a model composed by different parts, it’s a CAD model exported to FBX format
  • once imported into Blender I can start to select parts and add UV’s to it, the unwrap tools in Blender are really handy for this (something I really miss in Create for now, Substance painter automatic unwrap doesn’t work well on some parts so I prefer to work with Blender’s UV unwrap tools)
  • then I can send the selected UV’d part in Blender and send it to substance painter
  • from there I can bake it and add the material and texture I like and send the material back to Blender
  • I can do changes as much as I want on the selected parts only (no need to send the whole model) which is ver handy until my whole model is completely textured in Blender and render it

If this would be possible in Create that wold definitely be ace 🙂

Thanks @HansVanEven! Terry informed me that you were chatting about this on discord!

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