why GPIO interface in jetson R28.1 take more time ?

I have made a module in jetson tx1, which will use some function to write and read gpio, like gpio_request(),gpio_set_value().

When using gpio_set_value() to write some date to gpio, the process time is different between R28.1 and R24.2.1.

For example, it will finish in 5 seconds, in R24.2.1, and more than 20 seconds in R28.1.

Are there many different in GPIO driver between kernel 4.4 and kernel 3.10 ? Such as function gpio_set_value().

Or there are different setting in frequency between kernel 4.4 and kernel 3.10 ? Such as APB.

Anyone can help me?

Hi zhili_liu,

It seems you’re using R28.1 now, is this still an issue to clarify on your project?