why gpio435 cat value is 1 when pulled down by a 10k resistance external on my carrier board

when I want the pin I2C_CAM_DAT(D6/GPIO3_PO.03),number is gpio435,use as a gpio input.
As I understand,I change the register by sudo devmem2 0x230010 w 0x1042, it will be configured as a input gpio.
And I have a 10k pull down external on my carrier board,so I should get 0 when cat the gpio435 value.
But the truth is I only get 1 in the gpio,and the measuring voltage is 1.65V.
What’s the problem with this?
Thank you very much for your reply!

Hi, as you know there is pull-up resistor in module for I2C lines, please do not use it as GPIO.

What is the value of the up-pull resistance? 10k already should be able to pull down it.

1k ohm

why the pull strength is 100k in tht “Jetson-TX2-Generic-Customer-Pinmux-Template”?
Are all the i2C pulled up by 1k?

1k is external PU, 100k is internal PU of pin. It is well known that most PU of I2C are 1k or 2.2k.

In the “Jetson-TX2-Generic-Customer-Pinmux-Template”
I2C_GP1_DAT(A20) actually have the Ext Pull Up Value (Ω) that is “1k”,but I2C_CAM_DAT(D6/GPIO3_PO.03) is blank, So we thought there is no extra pull up then.