Why have no MCLK in Xavier (Jetpack 4.2)


Why have no MCLK in Xavier ,when i update SDK to Jetpack4.2 ?

clocks = <&bpmp_clks TEGRA194_CLK_EXTPERIPH1>,
					 <&bpmp_clks TEGRA194_CLK_EXTPERIPH1>;
			clock-names = "extperiph1", "pllp_grtba";
                        mclk = "extperiph1";

			reset-gpios = <&tegra_main_gpio CAM0_RST_L GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;
			pwdn-gpios = <&tegra_main_gpio CAM0_PWDN GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;

Would you give more detail information.

Hi JiaZW,

Is this still an issue to support?


I have same problem on Xavier NX

Hi zhangxd260,

Please open a new topic at Jetson Xavier NX forum: https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/c/agx-autonomous-machines/jetson-embedded-systems/jetson-xavier-nx/258

Has been resolved

can you share how to make it work ?
best regards!