Why i cannot boot up jetson nano?

i buyed jetson nano yesterday, and i installed jetson sd image and powered with 5V 5A

jetson becomes light up with green, but i can’t see anything in my monitor

i changed power adapter and monitor, but always same.

green light on, but nothing seen

i wait many hours for first booting but nothing comes.

why i cannot boot up it?

Hi ksana12151,

What power supply are you using? micro-usb (J28) or power jack (J25)?
Please reference detail from Nano User Guide.

i used power jack and connet jumper in J 48

should i remove pins in J48 and use J25 power jack?

Hi ksana12151,

Using J25 power jack need connect J48 jumper.

i plug like that but nothing changed

no green light in jetson nano and nothing appear in my monitor…

pin at J48 and J25 power jack is get on green light…but nothing change either

i check sd card but sd image is normally installed os.

Hi ksana12151,

Sorry for confused you.

J25 power jack + J48 jumper
J28 micro-usb + without J48 jumper

Please put devices into recovery mode (connect jumper in J40), then try using SDK Manager to flash Image on Nano.

great! i success with it

thank you!

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