Why I can't install bazel on AGX?

Bazel installer

Bazel is bundled with software licensed under the GPLv2 with Classpath exception.
You can find the sources next to the installer on our release page:
Releases · bazelbuild/bazel · GitHub

Build information

  • Commit
    Uncompressing…/home/lab434/bin/bazel: line 220: /home/lab434/.bazel/bin/bazel-real: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error
    /home/lab434/bin/bazel: line 220: /home/lab434/.bazel/bin/bazel-real: Success

Did you pick bazel-4.0.0-linux-arm64?

Yes! But I don’t know how to run installer?

Try chmod +x, and then run it with an installation path

Sorry, I can’t understand the installation path…

Maybe something like this,

chmod +x bazel-<version>-installer-linux-x86_64.sh
./bazel-<version>-installer-linux-x86_64.sh --user

taken from Installing Bazel on Ubuntu - Bazel

I have tried it before, it is not useful…

For Isaac SDK, we support running Bazel on a host x86 machine to build cross-compiled targets for ARM, but not necessarily running Bazel itself on AGX Xavier. There should be no reason why you couldn’t run Bazel though on Arm, though, I would think. Bazel itself is a Java application. According to Bazel docs, including the one @felleman listed, it looks like you’d have to compile from source it seems.