Why is bInferDone not 1 during semantic segmentation?

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hello. In deepstream 6.2, it was configured with the following pipeline: source -> pgie -> segvisual -> osd -> window-sink.

  1. When I print FrameMeta’s binferdone on the pgie src pad, it comes out as 0. I think it should come out value 1. Does binferdone not be processed separately internally during segmentation? (is it works on detection)
  2. And when pgie interval>0, can it be said that user_meta->seg_meta is preserved?

Thank you

  1. what do you use FrameMeta’s binferdone to do? nvinfer plugin is opensource. only in attach_metadata_detector it is be set to 1.
  2. no, you can set interval=10 to check.
  1. what do you use FrameMeta’s binferdone to do?
    When binferdone is 0, I tried to use the previous Mask, but the flag cannot be used. It seems to only have to do with detection.
  2. Yes, confirmed

nvinfer plugin is opensource. you can set binferdone to 1 in attach_metadata_segmentation, then rebuild and replace /opt/nvidia/deepstream/deepstream/lib/gst-plugins/libnvdsgst_infer.so with the new so.

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