Why is cuda10.0 able to work with pytorch1.7?

Recently,I need to install pytorch ,when I check out the website :

It shows four different version 9.2,10.1,10.2,11.0 to choose ,And I have cuda version 10.0 and driver version 450 installed on my computer,I thought it would fail to enable gpu when using pytorch ,After I choose 10.1 and use pip to install pytorch and try torch.cuda.is_available() and it returns True

I have two questions:

  1. Why does everything turn out to be working even my cuda version is not the same as any of one I mentioned ?
  2. What’s the difference between choosing cuda verison 9.2,10.1,10.2,11.0 ?

Only the PyTorch developers can tell you which CUDA versions they support in their productm why they limit it to the specific CUDA versions you mention, and whether the choice of CUDA versions has any impact on the functionality offered by PyTorch. I would suggest you ask these questions on whatever support channel PyTorch offers (presumably a forum or a mailing list).

ok,will do so