Why is nsight with deferred context application so slow?

I tested nsight5.0(, driver=355.98) for DeferredContexts11 in d3d-graphics-compute-samples-1.2 on vs2012, win7(64bits).
I just clicked “Start Graphics Debugging”.
The application with nsight run really slow.
But I rewrite DeferredContexts11.cpp(450) to “ChangeRenderer(pDevice, RS_IMMEDIATE);” then
the application run normally with nsight.

How can I use nsight for deferred context application with regular frame rate?

Hi sizwk,

We just get your issue and doing some investigation. Will let you know ASAP.


Deferred contexts saw an unintended performance regression in a recent release of Nsight. The issue comes from the fact that application maps (as implemented in these versions) cause Nsight to do an analysis whose performance has regressed since first implemented.

There are actually improvements in place that will improve the situation for the next release of Nsight.

Hi danprice,

Do you have any plans about the release date?


Hi danprice,

Is the fix included in Nsight 5.1 ?

(I could not see anything deferred context related in the release note)