Why is this channel descriptor invalid? x:8, y:0, z:0, w:0, f:cudaChannelFormatKindUnsigned

I get error code 20, “invalid channel descriptor” from cudaBindTexture2D, only in release builds (debug seems to be fine).

Any idea why? Isn’t it highly unlikely that the driver doesn’t support 8-bit unsigned textures? Those are essential in games. And again I only get this error in release builds :|

Personnaly i use 8-bit unsigned textures.

I could be a wrong initialisation or a missing initialisation.

What are you doing exacltly?

are you doing something like that:

texture<BYTE,2,cudaReadElementType> tex;


cudaChanelFormatKindUnsigned), width, height,pitch);

where array is what you want to bind with texture.