Why it takes so long to load the material on my local project?

Hello! I installed Create and Nucleus, so I have access to Marbles_Assets.usd file at my omniverse://localhost/NVIDIA/Samples/Marbles/

Now it is a bit slow even at RTX Real Time ( I have just one RTX 2070 Super )
I can study the Create App but I wonder how could I make an unique version of this project file to my local Projects folder. Well I made one by deleting all props except one paint can. I save it to omniverse://localhost/Projects/ – but wait oh! It works just OK. It just took like 2 minutes to load the material… You know, I started to write this topic, since I was only a turquoise object on my own project file. It took FOREVER to load the materials on it. Much longer than loading the materials at localhost/NVIDIA/Samples/Marbles/

Why it takes so long to load the material?
Can I do something to speed this up?


In general, material load is not the fastest yet, we are working on optimizing this and will continue to improve.

Once the texture is downloaded it should be cached and much faster to load a second time.
We are adding in the next release a more verbose progress indicator so you can see what’s happening, if its a download issue or not.

Ok, thanks for the complete answer! I shall wait, no problem.

I don’t know if this applies to materials built with the ‘native’ shaders in Create but certainly when importing MDL materials from external sources it takes a reasonable amount of time for Create to compile the MDL description into whatever its native renderer code is based on (about a minute in most of my testing with hand written MDL, and that is with NO texture resources or procedural ‘patterns’ in the mix - just the raw BSDFs )

We are aware of these issues with materials in Omniverse. As far as I know the MDL code is compiled to HLSL for the RTX renderer and there are some situations when a handwritten MDL is converted inefficiently. This is something that we need to look into but for now this is a known issue.
How complex is the MDL material?
Also, would you be willing to share it with us so we can take a look?