Why! jetson nano os corrput?

I am trying to implement the object detection throught the deepstream, so i was initiate the gpu driver install and reboot, then my os didnot respond, but only nvidia starting picture only showed didnot move forward! so i was waiting 3hour

Then i was trying to delete the os and reinstall and now working!

But my question is most of the scenario i spend jetson nano os corrupted and resolved

How to handle this situations guys!

I can’t answer, but will suggest that (A) you keep a backup of any SD card (not hard, but takes disk space, but if it is an eMMC model, then you’d clone instead), and {B}, if something does go wrong, be ready to get a serial console boot log. Serial console can answer a lot of questions about a failure and rarely fails even when everything else dies. Serial console allows access at times when regular keyboard and monitor or ssh fails.

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Yes! definitely buddy
Thanks for suggesting me

And also jetson nano - How to gpu access

i give the command on ‘nvidia-smi’ , but bash:not this command shown the result , then i was try to download the gpu driver and reboot not open the system, it dead
Then i was deleting the os in my sd card, and newly installed

why jetson nano didnot compatible for gpu access?

nvidia-smi does not support Jetson. It is included in the NVIDIA driver pkg.
Use tegrastats instead on the Jetson.

And you don’t need to install any GPU driver for your Jetson.


Thanks buddy! Now i understand

Basically just repeating what @MtHiker already said: “nvidia-smi” only works with PCI based discrete GPUs (dGPU). The Jetson is an integrated GPU (iGPU). None of the software for a PC works with a Jetson, so installing non-Jetson GPU software can actually break things. To see at least part of the iGPU use “tegrastats”. Do not use any GPU software not from JetPack/SDK Manager.


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