WHY My carrier board can't start up TX1?

我们自己打样了carrier board板卡。目前存在一种现象:有时候按下power btn按键以后无法启动TX1模块,然后长按power btn按键关机再重开才可以启动,而且这种现象在启动成功后的两到三个小时内不再复现。目前测试来看出现这种现象是概率性质的,大概重复十几次有可能复现一次,并且有的板卡一直不出现。
我们在硬件设计中,为了减小板卡面积,去掉了一些我们不用的接口电路比如sata/M.2/PCIE等等,并且去掉了power moniter电路和手动复位RESET_IN_L信号,采用12V供电。
然后在JetsonTX1_OEM_Product_DesignGuide_20170627这个文档中我找到了3.4 Power Sequencing的描述Figure 4. Power Up Sequence下的注释3:
3. During run time if any Jetson TX1 I/O rail is switched OFF or ON, the following sequences should be performed. Violating
these sequences will result in extra in-rush current during the rail transition.

  • OFF Sequence: The associated NO_IOPOWER bit in the PMC APBDEV_PMC_NO_IOPOWER_0 register must be enabled before the
    I/O Rail is powered OFF
  • ON Sequence. After an I/O Rail is powered ON, the associated NO_IOPOWER bit in the PMC APBDEV_PMC_NO_IOPOWER_0
    register needs to be cleared to the “disable” state
    我目前怀疑跟它有关,我们没有发现PMC APBDEV_PMC_NO_IOPOWER_0 register的位置,也就没有修改过NO_IOPOWER bit的参数。


Hi mengychoo,

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Hi meng,

It seems has nothing with register setting as you do not switch on/off any I/O rail during run time.

It looks more like a robust issue or power source load capability issue. You’d better to probe the VDD_IN to check if any drop happen during boot up. And compare it of fail board with that of good board to find out difference.