Why my jetson nano doesn't boot if I use a DTB file?

I wouldn’t be so sure that balena etcher produces problems only with the rel 32.5. the xubutu 20.04 sd card stoppped working like the ubuntu 18.04. there was no differences

Is this xubuntu 20.04 based on other jetpack release? If so, does balena give different version of software?
Because no other forum users report to us about the error of balena etcher before, the only discussion so far is the post you shared from balenaForums. And that thread was posted just in this month. During the last 2 years, we also saw some users had “Card did not respond to voltage select!” error, but, in the end, their root cause is not balena etcher.

I don’t need xubuntu 20.04 anymore. I created a frankenstein image. (ubuntu 18.04 + qemu-kvm packages updated to ubuntu 20,04 and it is still compatible with the SDK manager that works because it still recognizes ubuntu 18.04. Since it is 18.04,it can run the jetpack 4.5 and I don’t need to declare or replace the dtbs files.

Just have a update here.

We tried to reproduce the boot up problem with Balena etcher on rel-32.5. But we cannot reproduce.

The system boots into system without problem.

Will this issue 100% reproducible after you flash the card with balena etcher? I mean does this issue always happen or a “from time to time” case that may happen sometimes and back to normal sometimes.

yes. also for me there isn’t a 100% correspondance.

Is there any extra step between each reboot?

I mean did you do anything like unplug the sdcard during the success and NG case? Or you just keep rebooting the device and it will hit the problem soon?

yes. i plug and unplug the sd card more times when it stucks on the nvidia logo.

No, I mean if I just boot the device, put it there and just run a script to keep reboot the device, will I hit the problem?

yes. but now it does not happens anymore because i have dd the image.

or after having dd ed the image.

suddenly it does not boot anymore. I suspect that the cause is not balena etcher.

Please try to find out what is the exact method to reproduce issue or we cannot help.

thats the problem. there isnt any pattern. usually it restarts after having removed and re inserted the slot of the sd card more times. maybe it should fit perfectly and sometimes it doesnt