Why no WiFi on the JetSon Nano???

Why no WiFi on the JetSon Nano??? I would have thought this would be a very obvious requirement.
I can only hope that a WiFi USB will work.
This is bad that this is missing…

I read somewhere that this has to do with FCC regulations. wifi device have to conform to each country laws and regulations, an expensive and lengthy process. just plug in a wireless dongle into one of the usb ports or get m.2 wifi module.

Thanky you for your answer, but it does open another question. One must ask if Raspberry Pi 3 has a wifi for the WiFi zones it is exported to, ie EU,Far East and USA then why not Jenson?

For Jetson TX1/TX2, yes, there were separate SKUs for different regions according to different wireless bands and the local regulations in each country. Ultimately the wireless certifications limit how many countries you can offer the board in. Hence a user can easily get a wifi dongle or module thats already been certified and plug it in.

If NVIDIA can do it for your other system, then why not for the nano. I much prefer a built in WiFi.
AA USB Dongle is no big deal but why no do somethiong right in the first place. I am impressed by the nano and will try it out…but the wifi mssing I find a bit of a retro step.

So I think enough of this topic?

FWIW, I’d rather have it separate. Had too many experiences with bad wifi chipsets I can’t get rid of.

For a bit of history, Jetson TK1 (the first Jetson) did not have onboard wireless. Then with TX1/TX2 where we added onboard wireless, we found many regulatory hurdles with the certifications, and for deployment many users preferred not to have on-module wireless (as they may need to re-certify, didn’t use it, or wanted a different chipset as mdegans alluded to, or wanted to use cellular like 4G LTE since these are edge devices, or were in an environment that did not permit wireless). So since TX2i and Xavier we removed wireless from the Jetson module itself, but now provide M.2 site for a wireless module of the user’s choice (or USB dongle).

If you only also provided m.2 nvme… I was so excited to see it had m.2 port :(

Does Jetson nano production module have wifi connectivity.
Thanks in advance