why Nsight Compute cannot connect to xaiver

Nsight Compute at window or linux(x86)cannot connect to xavier。I can’t find the llinux arrch64 in the target list,but the doc show arrch64 can be find in the target list

What is the version of Nsight Compute you are using?

I have tried nsight-compute-linux-2019.4.0.12 & nsight-compute-win64-2019.4.0.12

You are using the desktop version of Nsight Compute which does not include targets for linux aarch64.
You need to download and install JetPack from https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/jetpack.

Hi, I install the latest Jetpack 4.2.2. But still, my Nsight Compute version is 2019.4.0. How can I upgrade it?

By the way, the Nsight Compute download page only mentions: Nsight Compute allows profiling on x86_64 Window and x86_64 & PowerPC Linux platforms locally or from Windows, Linux, or macOS hosts..
Not arch64.


Nsight Compute 2019.4 is the latest released version of the tool. The fact that you need to use the version installed by Jetpack is independent of this, i.e. 2019.4 from the Nvidia website does not include support for aarch64, while the version shipped with Jetpack does. This is also the reason why the website doesn’t mention aarch64 support.