Why nvidia 387 works for CUDA 9.1

Hi there,

it is said that CUDA9.1 needs R390 nvidia driver for Ubuntu 1604.

I installed 390.25 and CUDA 9.1 yesterday. I use ./deviceQuery to check the installation correctness, and the check tell me PASS.

But today when I use nvidia-smi, it tells my I am using 387. Why this happen? Should I reinstall everything again?

Thank you.

That might be said somewhere, but it is not accurate.

CUDA 9.1 requires R387. For a simple proof point, grab the CUDA 9.1 runfile installer and you will discover it is bundled with a R387 driver.

R390 is preferred for Linux kernel versions beyond 4.10 and also for picking up fixes related to recent linux kernel security issues widely publicized, but it is not fundamentally required for CUDA 9.1

Yeah, it says in the following website for downloading CUDA. There is a typo.


It says “Before installing the CUDA Toolkit on Linux, please ensure that you have the latest NVIDIA driver R390 installed. The latest NVIDIA R390 driver is available at: www.nvidia.com/drivers

My configuration is Linux, x86_64, Ubuntu, 16.04, deb(local).

That recommendation was made for a variety of reasons, including that fact that many folks will be using a newer linux kernel version that requires that newer R390 driver.

So its a good idea to move forward to the R390 driver.

Thank you for the reply.

I installed R390 driver as instructed. But after the step “sudo apt-get install cuda”, R387 driver was automatically installed and R390 was removed. That broke my Ubuntu. I got into a login loop after restarting my computer.

I had to use a backup image to restore my system. And I now have installed CUDA 9.0, which only requires R384 driver. It works fine so far.

When installing CUDA 9.1, I understand that there are ways to block the R387 driver from being installed by apt-get. Maybe I should have done that instead. But I was not sure if CUDA 9.1 was compatible with R390.

Use the network deb installer rather than the local deb installer, and it will not try to install a R387 driver.