Why Nvidia does not reply to my job applications?

I graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a thesis titled “Auto-tuning for Energy-efficiency in GPUs” in August. Since then, I applied for a few positions in Nvidia in Europe. However, I have never received any feedback so far. I am very interested in working in Nvidia because I obtained a lot of knowledge during my thesis about Nvidia GPUs and have a good background in high-performance computing now.
I wonder if someone else has the same problem or not? I also would be most grateful if someone can give me some advice.
Thanks in advance to read my message.

Not hearing anything back is odd, assuming you followed the proper channels for submitting your applications.

With nVidia being a US company they might have restrictions on nationalities they will hire. Could be that they completely avoid any nationalities that are also covered under Trump’s travel ban?


NVIDIA has offices world-wide and we hire people in every geography/continent, excepting Anarctica.

The number of positions that are available to new college grads is a fraction of the overall positions that we hire for. When we hire new college grads, they often have previous internship experience at NVIDIA. I don’t know if that is applicable here or not.

I won’t be able to comment on an individual case in a public forum such as this. I don’t happen to know if communications to prospective candidates are standardized world-wide.

If you’re interested in working for nvidia, I encourage you to:

  1. review the positions available at careers.nvidia.com New positions become available all the time (e.g. weekly).
  2. search for positions you are most interested, and apply for positions where you are fairly confident that your qualifications are a good match for the listed requirements/expectations
  3. Be persistent (i.e. repeat as new positions become available)

Speculation: As a US company that does business with the US government (e.g. for supercomputers), NVIDIA may be prohibited from employing people who are citizens of countries on the official US sanctions list, such as North Korea, Iran, Libya, Cuba, etc. Some of these countries have been on the US sanctions list across multiple administrations.

As an old codger well into my later years of career, I can’t help by smile at this post.

As Robert pointed out - with any company you want to work for - be persistent. Nvidia is at the top of their game right now (no pun intended). I imagine they are swamped with resumes.