Why Nvidia does nothing and makes it even more difficult for developers to help with drivers?

First, as one can expect the support is useless:

Zia: Hi, my name is Zia. How may I help you?
me: why don’t you sign the firmware from nouveau project for years?
Zia: I am sorry did not get you, please describe the issue more
me: Nvidia can’t sign open source drivers from “nouveau” project to make them work with GTX 900 series and above. Why?
me: the guys from “nouveau” are waiting for years. Why?
Zia: We are from technical support and dont know what are you talking, is it for linux?
me: yes
Zia: Please post your query in NVIDIA linux forum and our developer will let you know about this : http://www.nvidia.com/object/unix.html
we are from GeForce support in window based PC

But the main thing is this (from 1h 42m 40s):


I would like to hear a real nvidia man (as useless support suggested):

  1. Why Nvidia is still “the worst company to deal with” and does not help developers? Give some real reasons please.
  2. What am I missing in this situation? Maybe it’s really difficult for Nvidia devs to work with other people.

Consider the following two answers a semi-official stance:

  1. Because NVIDIA’s closed source drivers are good enough.
  2. NVIDIA does not work with open source people as much you you personally want - but it’s your issue, not theirs. Also see point 1.

If you’re open-source-everything obsessed, why did you buy an NVIDIA GPU in the first place? That makes zero sense.

Also don’t expect answers for questions which are illogical and meaningless: “Nvidia can’t sign open source drivers from “nouveau” project to make them work with GTX 900 series and above”. This, my friend, is a load of BS. You don’t understand the problem, yet you’re throwing baseless accusations.

You won’t hear anyone from NVIDIA in this thread. Maybe start with a different, milder and gentler tone next time.

I should have asked support about signed bios and reverse-engineering, sure.
Also that’s only personally me, sure. Not anyone else of course. You know that for sure.

So closed source drivers are good enough and there are people who want to make drivers better for Linux.

Nvidia doesn’t care because… why should they? Great.

I’m glad your concerns have been answered.

nvidia proprietary drivers are the adquate driver …reverse engineering is not a good way to provide a good engineered work .

This also depends on the customer location. At the end of the 3dfx days, 3dfx cards vanished from the local market where I live the moment people started switching to NVIDIA.
It’s almost impossible to find a AMD graphics card where I live.
The reason is that open source only matters on Linux. Windows users are going to always prefer NVIDIA. There is no reason not to use NVIDIA if you are on Windows.

Now on Linux, the issue is not open source vs closed source. It’s mesa vs NVIDIA’s opengl implementation. They are very different. Gnome 3 users suffer the most because of this which I feel is why red hat was pushing for nouveau.