Why shared memory bank conflict number is not equal?

I use nv-nsight-compute-cli to get shared memory bank conflict number, but i find its value is not equal when first run and the second run. like below



Can you please provide the GPU, Nsight Compute version and specify whether this is the CUDA sample matrixMul or a different matrixMul.

The two counters listed can be collected in a single pass on Volta and Turing. If matrixMul is deterministic then the expectation is the counters should be equal.

matrixMul source code is here
matrixMul_7.txt (120.1 KB)

GPU is GTX 2080Ti
nsight compute cli version is

root@5e8d51ebe68d:/media/jefby/nvidia_gpu_inst_parser/cuda_template# nv-nsight-cu-cli --version
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