Why so scattered? (novice) general help

Good evening, I saw the presentation of NVIDIA Omniverse Machinima, I was happy to see that I could do more advanced machinima, so very simple question I saw that we could add Mont & blade 2 to make machinima, when I go to the folder I don’t see the characters, the sets etc.

you need tutorials are precise but do not cover the beginning, and this blocks those who do not know something about it

do you need several applications to make machinima?

how do I access the usd for my games etc.

Sorry if it’s not well written I use google translate

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I also noticed yesterday that some of the sample characters were missing…

No, but I don’t understand anything.

I don’t even know how to find the .usd files in the game files to load the buildings, the characters etc.

they do tutorials but there is not the beginning

I shall release very soon one basic advert animation creation Machinima tutorial series… It has CC characters and such :)

oh ok nice ! can I find this where?

if not, I found it to go through nucleus but I do not see the solution to film itself to make the characters move yet I have watched the tutorial

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Hello and Welcome to the Community @llkeito95ll!

I sent your questions to the development team and a developer will get back to you shortly.

I hope this may help in the meantime!

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