Why SPI2 node is disabled?

Hi NVIDIA team,

I was looking to the tegra234-p3737-0000-a00.dtsi file and notice that the spi@3230000(SPI3) node has the comment “SPI3 in 40 pin conn”. I went to the schematics of the P3737-A04 Jetson Orin Developer Kit Carrier Board and the pinmux and saw that those pins are actually used for ethernet and i2c purposes.
May this be a comment error since those pins are used as gpios?
If not, I have two questions:

  • Why does it have that comment?
  • Why the SPI3 status is “okay” since those pins are used as gpios?



The code of device tree is referred from Xavier NX so certain description may not be well cleaned up. We will check to remove it for avoiding confusion. It is SPI1 in 40-pin expansion header of AGX Orin.

SPI function is enabled by manually executing modprobe spidev. So the setting may be ignored without executing the command.

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