Why tegra_cec: 70015000.tegra_cec: tegra_cec_init Done after wake up

I created a headless image. It works fine on power cycle and reboot. But not wake up.

I am using command below to enter sleep mode:

systemctl suspend

After pressed any key to wake up, the screen display:

[ 3908.437381] tegra_cec: 70015000.tegra_cec: tegra_cec_init Done.

What is this mean?
and my app is not started automatically after wake up as well.
Note: a shell script started after wake up but not my application program in binary code.
What’s wrong with it? How can I fix this issue?


It is to initialize the function:
Consumer Electronics Control - Wikipedia

For suspend/resume a process, it would need other users to share experience.
This probably helps:
How To Suspend A Process And Resume It Later In Linux - OSTechNix

Thank you for your info.
I am NOT suspend a process.
My use case is to make Jetson nano to enter a deep sleep mode if the device is not used in number of minutes to save the battery. Before enter deep sleep mode, the user application program will be closed. When wake up, the user application program will be started automatically.
I created a service to invoke a shell script when wake up. Run user application program (binary file) from the shell script by:


The service I created has invoked the shell script after wake up, but the user-app does not run.
What’s wrong with it?