Why the Omniverse farm queue needs GPU?

I’m using the Omniverse farm to build my render farm, here is my deployment:

Omniverse Farm agent on A machine with GPU
Omniverse Farm queue on B machine without GPU

As far as I know the Farm queue don’t process the tasks, but why the queue throw the error message which is it can’t find GPUs when starting?

Here is the logs.
kit_20221129_142336.log (166.9 KB)

Hello @patrickkh_lin! Thank you for your logs. I see from your logs that you are getting this error: [omni.gpu_foundation_factory.plugin] Failed to create GPU foundation devices!

[Error] [gpu.foundation.plugin] No device could be created. Some known system issues:
- The driver is not installed properly and requires a clean re-install.
- Your GPUs do not support RayTracing: DXR or Vulkan ray_tracing, or hardware is excluded due to performance.
- The driver cannot enumerate any GPU: driver, display or a docker issue. For Vulkan, test it with Vulkaninfo tool from Vulkan SDK, instead of nvidia-smi.

I will ask the team if the Farm Queue requires GPU.

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Hello @patrickkh_lin! Update from the devs:

The Farm Queue Version that you install from the launcher needs a GPU because of the kit UI. You can find a ‘headless’ Kit file in the installation folder to disable the UI so that a GPU is not needed.

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OK, I see, I’ll try the headless mode.
Thank you very much for your supports!

Is there any chance that farm could somehow in headless mode take advantage of non RTX gpus one day? Despite this perhaps being painfully slow, could it potentially work?

Perhaps not with RT or PT modes but for example I know Iray in and of itself does not require RTX even if kit does, and using something like Iray Server cloud streaming which is a new feature in the latest create, it could potentially connect up to an Iray Server based cluster and work in that sense.

I want to leverage older gpus even if it doesn’t create massive gains with the farm queue. Iray Server uses IndeX although I should point out this is different from the IndeX for omniverse program that is being developed. IndeX is part of what Iray Server uses to establish clusters I discovered.

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