Why the pstate of V100 does not change, always P0


I have a Tesla V100-PCIE-16GB. The persistance mode is on.I use the nvidia-smi to collect power consumption. I noticed something strange on this GPU, is that the pstate is always P0. I mean if I don’t run anything, it is still P0. I read the post of @Robert_Crovella [https://stackoverflow.com/questions/45360006/what-does-persistence-mode-actually-do-which-reduces-cuda-startup-time]. I have one fermi and kepler and it is not the case. I mean I can see change of the pstate. But here, the GPU has an SM clock of 135Hz, but still shows P0. Can anyone explain this to me ?

Many thanks ,

Can anyone provide me an answer please ? I face the same thing with P100.