Why there is no documents or example for using SPI on Xavier?

As someone knows…I’m trying use AGX SPI function for several weaks (or month).

Now I’m start to understand because big helps of many people from forum.

But, I’m still struggling to find the way to develope SPI.

And as far as I know, there are lots of people who are confused about use SPI in this forum.

So, I have a question about this situation.

Why there is no documents or examples about use SFIO?

Is because there are So many different option for function?
Is because code can varying based on uses case?

I think it is nonsense.

From point of view about MCU real-time control expert, I can’t understand.

Because, many other companies who make MCU( such as TI, STM, Microchip, etc.) have sample code and documents.

There sample codes are show limited operation modes.

But still, it is really helpful for those people who are new to it.
That codes show the starting point to people.

But NVIDIA JETSON don’t have.

What a person like me want is that when you want to use some function, I should bel able to find the starting point or how to use at least .
(I don’t mean about algorithm. The function.
For example, Not ‘can open communication stack’, Just ‘can communication’ hardware.)

In my case, I’ll really happy someone tell me “try this,this, this, and this, you may see Some data will show on the SPI pin”.

Thanks to read.
This topic is written in a stuffy mind as one of those who is having difficulty implementing SPI.
However, I believe that this article will not only end there, but be meaningful enough.
I’ll do my best to make SPI work, and will ask much more about it.

Thanks to @ShaneCCC and @linuxdev who help and guide me Soooooo much.

Thanks for your feedback. I will check internally if can provide any of this kind of information.


Now I understood about 1.<build kernel to make “Image” & “dts folder”>, 2, <Set PINMUX through ‘Jetson_AGX_Series_DevKit_Pinmux_Configuration_Template.xlsm’ file>.

And now I’m looking for a way to do which device tree file need to be change to use SPI.
And where to set SPI register value.

If you have any specific comments, please please let me know.
I’m studying the method you recommended, but I am having some difficulty to understand it.
(You comment your previous reply about SPI. But actually, It is little hard for me.)

Thanks a lot.

Below wiki should have some useful information.