Why using "delete" instead of "delete []" to delete mask array pointer?

In function InferPostprocessor::releaseFrameOutput(NvDsInferFrameOutput& frameOutput):

case NvDsInferNetworkType_InstanceSegmentation:
  delete frameOutput.detectionOutput.objects[j].mask;

And mask is initialize as :

float *mask = (float *)g_malloc(obj.mask_size);

So mask is a pointer to an array, which need to be released by using delete []

Mask in struct NvDsInferObject is assumably an array of float. It’s probably allocated by either new [mask_size] or malloc(mask_size). So it should be deallocated by delete [] or free. Not sure why in deepstream implementation it uses delete.

Seems mismatch between allocation and free. We will check it. Thanks for reporting it.

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@kesong any updates on this?

We will fix it in the following release of Deepstream. Thanks for reporting the issue.

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