Why WebAR is better than AR apps?

For a very long time, people are accustomed to using cell phones. Some cell phones gave enough advantages of storing huge data while others promised the fastest file transfers. Technology since then has shaped the tech industry a lot. They have introduced many applications to ease out the web search process. For example, now, if you want to buy clothes online, you can install the app and directly shop from there. Earlier, you needed to visit the website and log in each time.
While applications are the ultimate solution to man problems, it ends up taking a lot of space. This became a major drawback for many new high definition applications. Technology like augmented reality is the finest technology which when viewed in the app gives breath-taking experiences. But the problem pertains again as the space required by such applications are high.
Many technologists have then come up with website augmented reality plans. They have introduced WebAR which saves a lot on storage.

Why WebAR is important?
WebAR is an effortless solution for viewing an experience. Suppose you own a business and would like your customers to view an AR experience, would you expect them to first install an app and then view the experience? It is obvious that this step is time taking and can easily divert them from your platform. A customer is unconsciously trained for advertisement on television or posters, where information is already visible to them. They are not required to install or open any links for just viewing the advertisement. Will, it is not an extra task for them to do just to view an ad.

Instead, one can provide a scannable link to view the experience. Upon scanning, a user can experience the digital content in the real world.

Why should people opt for WebAR?
WebAR is a space-less solution to endless experiences. It doesn’t require a user to upgrade the versions like various AR apps demand. It reduces that extra step that a user doesn’t want to take. Keeping a QR code for brand promotion helps to gain more users than the other way around.
WebAR saves up a lot of storage and allows users to try something new. With these specifications in mind, WebAR is the most opted option by users.

In conclusion, WebAR can become a new promotive and marketing gimmick. It will soon change the strategies used by many e-commerce websites. So what should be done to get ahead of the competition? Hop on this technology with the PlugXR platform. Create seamless experiences on the go. Visit the website: [https://www.plugxr.com/]

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