Wi-fi disconnection issue

I am using Tegra TX1 with the base board in my system, as soon as the system is plugged in (Docked)into the charger and charging starts, the wifi connection get disconnected with in few seconds. We are providing 12V as a input to TX1. As an investigation we found that there are glitches on the 12V but these glitches are not going below the allowed input voltage i.e. 6V , its going down to 8V only. Also at this point of time the processor is working fine , only wifi is getting disconnected.

Can someone please suggest what could be the possible reason.

Also what circuit is there to which 12V input is getting supplied on TX1, which part LDO or DC-DC converter?

Hi, you can check carrier board schematic in DLC for info of power circuit and components.

As for the WiFi off when charging starts, do you have any log info when issue happen? What’s the charger design on your board? As you know, TX1 only leave a header for charger design, it would be better if you can clarify how you use it.

Hi sadatan.v,

Any update? Is this still an issue to support?

@Trumany What kind of log are you looking for? As far as the charger design is concerned we are using a ready made charger which is providing the charge current.

Please see the below details:

  1. TX1 is getting 12V from a power board which is generating 12V from 48V-55V input.
  2. 48V to 55V is coming from a battery.
  3. Now till the time the board is working on the battery backup there is no issue observed.
  4. As soon as the battery connected to the charger, TX1 gets rebooted.

Let me know what could be the reason for this rebooting? How can we check the reason for the reebot from TX1?

Note we are using carries board ASG901 from Connect Tech.

Also this issue is not being observed on all the units.

Did you probe if any voltage drop on carrier board 12V input as soon as charger connected?

Regarding “Also this issue is not being observed on all the units”, do you mean only a few TX1 will reboot?