Wibu System solution binding info changes after reboot

We use the Wibu Systems Solution to keep the security, Now we found an issue in Jetson Nano Platform System.
It is related to the binding info when import the container . the binding info is fixed when import the container and binding to the MAC address. But after device reboot the binding info happen changes, due to the first MAC address is dummy0 " ifconfig -a" , and double confirm that the dummy0 address will be changed after reboot. due to we install the Wibu SDK and runtime package and can’t modify the binding method.

Are there any good ways .
such as how to fix the MAC address or other ways.


hello xiaodong.tao,

please refer to Jetson Module EEPROM Layout, MAC address was putting in the EEPROM.

Thanks Jerry,
I see the eeprom layout and can know the MAC address is fixed.

But my question is for the dummy0 in NVIDIA , seems a virtual mac address and will be changes after every reboot.
Does it can be disabled or let the mac address fix?

hello xiaodong.tao,

it should be eth0 for the actual MAC address you should looking into.

Yes, you are right.
Maybe i just need wait the wibu solution, binding the actual MAC address not a virtual value.
due to i don’t have source code about wibu solution only the SDK.
Dear Jerry ,Thanks again .