Wierd output while compiling using pgc++

I have a mutli-GPU code which I am compiling using pgc++.
Below is a section of the code:

#pragma omp parallel for
for(int dev=0;dev<NGPUS;dev++)
#pragma acc update device(ta_64[0:N],tb_64[0:N],tc_64[0:N])
** int s=dev*(N/NGPUS);**

            #pragma acc data present(ta_64[0:N],tb_64[0:N],tc_64[0:N],wa[0:N],wb[0:N],wc[0:N],KA[0:4*N],KB[0:4*N],KC[0:4*N],this)

upon compiling with -Minfo=accel, there are a few output lines which look like this:

288, Generating update device(_T25_2687->tb_64[:_T25_2687->N],_T25_2687->tc_64[:_T25_2687->N],_T25_2687->ta_64[:_T25_2687->N])

what do these _T25_2687… mean? I have no variables by that name in my code. The lines in bold denote the corresponding line number 287-288

It’s the class object’s “this” pointer.

Class members are accessed via a “this” pointer which is often hidden from the user since it’s implied. Though the compiler sees it and thus adds it to compiler feedback messages.