WiFi and BT suddenly stopping to work at runtime. (8265NGW)

When I boot up wifi and bt seem to work fine but after some time they both stop working and I only get a message like “a system application has stopped working”.

I can almost-pair with bt devices. At least linux sais im paired; my bt-speaker did not do anything like it would normally.

I got the “Intel Dual Band Wireles AC8265 Model 8265NGW 867Mbps M.2 BT4.2 08F3Y8” card installed.

Also I’m quite new to linux and just bought the board to teach myself all the stuff which I’m just beginning with.

Sometimes the bootup screen seems to hang on some PCIE error then the card doesn’t work right away but it still boots after some more time.

Ok the module didn’t work correctly.

Bought 2 more from amazon instead of ebay.

Here are photos of them: https://imgur.com/a/VXvdG1V

The one with the better print(right) on it seems fake or maybe it’s just broken. With the last updates bt on the broken one worked but wlan didn’t.
The left is missing bt but is also sold as 8265NGW.

Either way I hope this helps someone making smarter decisions.