Wifi connection JupyterLab

Hi, I have the following product https://www.sparkfun.com/products/16417. There were several problems with the system. Meanwhile, the system runs better on another memory card after multiple flashing.

Using the Edimax Wifi adapter (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/15449) I can connect to the internet and use the internet normally. Unfortunately I can’t connect to JupyterLab via the wifi adapter. (It works via cable)

Is there any solution to access JupyterLab through the adapter?

Hi ali.yusuf,

Please refer to below thread to see if can help:

Hi @kayccc ,
unfortunately I could not solve the problem. Sometimes a connection is established then I have sometimes for a longer time access to jupyterlab over wifi sometimes only for 1-2 seconds. Very often unfortunately no connection can be established. I have the product twice and on both the same problem is present.(Although I can use the internet over wifi on both devices.)
I ask for help what I can do further

Actually I am not familiar with JypyterLab.
This sounds an wifi signal issue. What if you directly ping each device’s WIFI IP? Will you see the disconnection in ping?