Wifi dongle not supported

I am trying to use jetbot_image_v0p4p0.zip image. But do not see any wifi on the device. The jetstone nano image has the wifi but this image does not have the wifi. I am using the wifi dongle (Lincukoo) that came with the jetstone nano 2GB with the 4 GB version. The dongle works fine with the jetstone nano image. Any solution for this? I want to use the jetbot image for my project.

Thank you

Sorry for the late response, have issue been resolved?

Hi Kayccc,

No it is solved yet. Is thee any solution for this?

Thank you

Hello pvbiswas1,

jetbot_image_v0p4p0.zip is based on JetPack 4.3.
JetPack 4.3 (or the underlying L4T) did not have the driver to support the USB-Wifi chipset (RTL8811CU) being used in the dongle that is bundled with Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit.


I’d suggest you use the latest jetbot image, jetbot-043_nano-4gb-jp45.zip which is based on JetPack 4.5 which should enable the Lincukoo dongle.

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