WiFi drops out after plugging in a USB webcam

Anyone noticed that WiFi drops out when you plug in a webcam? I am using a 4k Logitech Brio and WiFi disappears entirely - it disconnects any existing connections and shows there to be no WiFi networks nearby.

Are you also using a usb wifi adapter (eg. edimax)?

Yes, I have the recommended EW-7811UN. USB WiFi adapter.

It could be the port. I had issues with that adapter in one of the usb ports. You could try plugging it in another. It could also be the apapter needs too much power with the camera plugged in at the same time. You could also see if the problem goes away with a powered hub.

The next time it happens, you might consider running the ‘dmesg’ command right after and seeing if there are any clues in the kernel log. That should provide more clues.

Thank you, I “solved” this by putting mouse + webcam on one USB port stack and keyboard + WiFi on the other. Not a great solution, but it does the trick.