Wifi issue realtek rtl8821cu recognized but won't connect

Hi all,

A week ago i’ve received my jetbot nano 2go and need to connect it to the internet. I’ve followed multiple threads but i didn’t figure out how to solve my issue:
my usb dongle realtek rtl8821cu branded as “comfast” seems to be recognized in linux. When I type nmcl device list, i can see my laptop network, but once I type
sudo nmcli device wifi connect <MY_WIFI_AP> password <MY_WIFI_PASSWORD> with my own laptop wifi network and password it shows :" Error : activation failed (5) IP configuration could not be reserved". Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Hi, Pls try to update with the driver here: GitHub - brektrou/rtl8821CU: Realtek RTL8811CU/RTL8821CU USB Wi-Fi adapter driver for Linux

Hi alanz,

Thank you for your quick answer, Ive tried methods provided by github, ending with error both for the dkms and the make method, however, when i look in the folder :
/lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/realtek/rtl8821cu
there is the rtl8821cu.ko file. Then when i tried to run the nmcl command for loggin to my network, again it displays the same error “connection activation failed (5) IP configuration could not be reserved”. Maybe i should precise my setup, I’ve got the jetbot boot with the latest image provided by jetbot.org, the jetbot-043_nano-2gb-jp45, running in terminal mode, it’s plugged on the waveshare jetbot kit, on dc without battery cells. So when I type the command, the pioled turn off , then turn on with the error on the external display. Do you think it’s an hardware related issue?

@antoine18 sorry for late response.

Could you share more information dumped by dmesg?
There should be some usefull information there, Also you need to check if you are trying with the right driver module.

Hi alanz,

I’ve reformated my jetbot since then, and surprinsingly after a little while the wifi seems to work by itself again. So, i’ve save the dmesg just in case, if the issue reapears, i will come back to this thread, and send you the dmesg file.