Wifi performance well below 866.7 spec?

The wifi module on the TX1 claims to support speeds up to 866.7 Mbps.
however in testing with iperf(https://iperf.fr/), we are are seeing max speeds of ~200-300mbps despite the connection manager saying that it should be operating at the full speed of 866Mbps.

Has Nvidia validated the achievable speeds with the wifi module in the TX1? Would like to know whether something is misconfigured, or what the true limits are.


Hi eba,

We’re going to investigate this issue, and will do the update once clarified if any thing wrong.

Are you testing with the latest TX1 BSP - r24.1?

If not, could you re-test again?


Any updates on this?

We tested on r23.2, and can try again with r24.1, but it would be more helpful to have the data and characterization from Nvidia as a reference first.


I have the same problem, with the iperf3 the maximun bandwidth was only 323Mbps.

We will have the firmware updated to get the performance improved in the coming R24.2 release, it should be released soon.


Is there an update on this? In our testing we have found Wifi to perform around 280-320mbps and the 1Gbps Ethernet port at 860mbps+. We also noticed that there was a high standard deviation in wired receive performance.

Test Details:

  • TX1 (-400 edition), Jetpack 2.3 freshly installed, no tuning
  • Asus RT-AC5300 Router
  • Asus Laptop, Intel i7, Ubuntu 14.04

Test Setup:

  • Client: iperf3 -c xxx -t 600 -i 1 -p 3000
  • Server: iperf3 -s -p 3000

Test Results:

  • TX1 WiFi Client, Laptop Ethernet Server: ~280mbps, stable
  • TX1 Ethernet Client, Laptop Ethernet Server: ~860mbps, stable
  • Laptop Ethernet Server, TX1 WiFi Client: ~310mbps, stable
  • Laptop Ethernet Server, TX1 Ethernet Client: ~760mbps with dropouts and high variability

Hi sperok,

Regarding the deviation in wired receive performance, could you do more test with other server and cable to confirm the issue is at TX1 TCP downlink?
We did the test in our environment, we do not see this deviation in Ethernet downlink performance test.


My Test:

-TX1 ( Jetpack 2.3)

  • Asus RT-AC8TU
  • iMac Retina 6K, Late 2014.

Best iperf confinguration:

Client:./iperf3 -c X.X.X.X -w 1024K -N --len 1024K -V
Server:iperf3 -s

TX1 Wifi: range 330-400 mbps
TX1 Ethernet: ~980 mbps, stable

It seems that only works one antenna

@kayccc - We repeated the tests and found:

  • Wired with MTU 1500, 420-720mbps with fluctuation
  • Wired with MTU 8000, 900-960mbps pretty stable

If TX1 MTU is 1500 and server MTU is 8000 throughput would fluctuate significantly and sometimes drop to 0. These tests were very repeatable.