WiFi Regulatory Clarification

The questions below are in reference to the Jetson TX1/TX2 OEM Wireless Compliance Guide:

  1. What does “Yes, if same importer” mean on the country list table (Table 1)?
  2. I have customers in countries not on TX1’s country list. So in order to ship to those excluded countries, do we need to disable the WiFi on TX1 or we can ship with it enabled and inform the customer that WiFi is not certified for their country? My understand is that the Jetson TX1 module default ship configuration is with WiFi enabled.

Hi, 1) it is “yes, if same importer as NVIDIA”, isn’t it clear? 2) it depends on the the management rule of the country. WiFi is default workable and can be disabled as need.

Ok, so which importers does NVIDIA use for Singapore and Israel so I can see if we can use the same? This list would be useful to add in the document.