Wifi requires password after switching access points.

Wifi drops whenever I go from one room to another, despite the network being the same, the only difference is the access point (I believe). My laptop running Ubuntu 16.04 does not experience the same problems and handles AP switches smoothly.

I observed that the TX2 prompts me to re kay in the password. Since I have configured my network manager to automatically connect to said wifi with the password and even allowed all users access to the network, I simply needed to press “Enter” again. However, the prompt is not often the window in focus or I have a portable keyboard to “press Enter”. Very often, I am connected over SSH my computer.

I have tried a fresh install of Jetpack 3.2 and the issue persists. Do advice me how to get any further information you might need to troubleshoot. Thanks.


I believe this is same as below topc.


yes! It is similar.

However, ensuring I had the latest NM was the first thing I did, and it did not help for me.

Just for debug,

Could you fallback to rel-28.1(Jetpack3.1) and see if the issue is still?

I am having trouble installing 3.1 as noted in


I only installed the basic drivers of JetPack3.1 without the CUDA libraries and managed to flash my TX2 with it.

I am not observing the inconsistent wireless behaviors that started this thread any longer with JetPack3.1 on my TX2.

Looks like it is a new issue (or feature?) from NetworkManager. As you know, NM is not from nvidia so we cannot share any fix for it. All I can suggest is try to fall back to the same version of nm on rel-28.1 or do not use networkmanager for wifi control.


Looks like it is a new issue (or feature?) from NetworkManager

Has it actually been isolated to NetworkManager? Is there a specific issue in NM that we know of? Or is the only thing we know that R28.2 has the issue and R28.1 doesn’t?

We are having this issue as well.

I can try falling NM back, but what version shipped with R28.1?

Yes, it should be isolated to NM. I remembered the NM on r28.1 was 1.2.0.

Copying my response to another thread:

@WayneWWW It looks like the patch (https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1047138/jetson-tx1/wifi-disconnect-problem-on-jetpack-3-3/post/5314700/#5314700) resolves our problem.

Just to clarify, this appears totally unrelated to NetworkManager – The bcmdhd driver had this bug and patching the driver resolved it.