Wifi troubles with AC8265 NIC

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I installed an AC8265 Wireless in my Nano. I briefly booted to check if the card is working and could connect to my network. I also executed the “sudo jetson_clocks” to test the PWM fan I added. Everything worked.

After that I assembled the rest of the components for the case including the 2 antennas.

Next time I booted the NIC is gone. nmcli device wifi list does not return any results - it is as if the wifi hardware is gone :(

Is there anything I can check in more detail or are there any known issues? I tried with a new SD card image but except for the ethernet hardware nothing else is available.

Thanks in advance.

Solved by myself - the issue is the camera modul it seems. If I boot with the module I get I2C errors and the WIFI NIC is not available. If I unplug it and reboot the NIC is present.