Will Cuda 8.0 (Stable release, likely to be released in next month), support GCC 5.4.x / GCC 6.1.x?

As of CUDA 8.0 RC, gcc > 5.3.x is not supported. But the latest release in the ubuntu repositories is 5.4.0, and holding gcc from upgrading is causing dependency problems day by day(Cannot install clang, gfortran, openblas, lapack etc). Is it likely that CUDA 8.0 stable release will support GCC 5.4? By when can we expect a release of the stable version?

Thank you

Ubuntu provides a mechanism to install previous versions of compilers and a way to select from various installed ones… it’s called update-alternatives:

Just saying there’s an alternative and you can have both installed and have your cake and eat it too ;)