Will DE experience on Nvidia blob be ever as smooth as on Intel?

I have tested many recent nvidia blobs on latest i7 with GTX 980 and DE experience isn’t as smooth as cheap $200 laptop with HD3000.

I tested on Desktop with GTX 980 and i7 4970K CPU that has HD4600 graphics so I was able to switch and test each individual GPU. With 980 in Unity/GNOME3 (Ubuntu 17.04/Fedora 25) I’m seeing issues where both compositors start with ~200MB of memory and grow easily to 500MB after some use. Also I have noticed drastic memory usage increase of Unity/Mutter after resuming a system from sleep. None of these issues happen with Intel i915 driver on HD4600. Firefox scrolling is also butter smooth on i915 with ‘Compositing: OpenGL’ as seen in about:support that can be forced via layers.acceleration.force-enabled whereas with Nvidia it may start out smooth but once you open multiple tabs or view sites with many images it starts to lag. With i915 the Compiz on Unity will stay at 188MB (x86_64 arch) even after long use, multiple windows open, mpv playing, and even after suspending/wakingup multiple times.

Compiz using 624.4MB of memory after ~1 day of use which includes 1 suspend/wakeup.

Xorg spiking to 100% CPU usage on 1 Core when resizing programs like Firefox, Gedit text editor, or even gnome-terminal.

I blamed Compiz for long time and tried to search for memory leak and tirelessly browsed to find a related bug report. It wasn’t until I tested Fedora 25 witn Nvidia driver and noticed that Mutter is suffering from same issue. Switching to HD4600 resolved the issues but then what’s the point, I bought 980 for a reason.

Also with Nvidia blob things like start up times are longer (especially when light-dm starts or right after you type in password to login). I guess there’s some additional overhead due to loading nvidia libraries (X11/libGL/etc.)
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (256 KB)