Will different GeForce Brands work identically?

Dear Experts,

I’ve worked in tech for a long time, and
want to setup a machine/deep learning rig.

But it’s so confusing, even after all the reading.

So, I understand that to use the
latest CUDA software, you need a GPU with
a Compute Capability > 3.5.

So, I’ve been looking at some used GeForce cards
on Ebay.

And, surprise!
For the same GeForce model,
there are many GeForce “brands”.
NVidia, EVGA, Asus, MSI, even Dell, etc
Same model and number, different brand.

If there is a video card,
from a different manufacturer,
with the same model and number as NVidia

will all the CUDA and other software work
exactly the same as on an NVidia GPU?

Or not?


Hi @techquestions22,

About your question, what actually matters is the GPU chip regardless the brand. Those manufacturers takes the GPU from Nvidia, weld it to a sort of motherboard and that’s it. It is like putting a Intel CPU on an ASUS motherboard; kind of similar.

In few words: CUDA should work in the same way as legacy Nvidia boards.