Will encoding impact AGX inference speed?

Hi, I am using Xavier AGX for inference and encoding at the same time.
The agx connects to 4 4k cameras with 60FPS frame-rate. I encoded with a relatively low qp value and very low FPS like 5(not close to it’s limitation). And observed that when I started encoding and the inference pipeline keeps running, the inference speed(fps) drops a lot. I was thinking the encoding should belong to NVENC which shouldn’t impact the inference speed. Is this the expected behavior? Thanks

Do yo run inferencing and encoding parallelly or sequentially? Inferencing is execute on GPU and encoding is on NVENC. If you run the two tasks parallelly, it should not impact each other. You may run sudo tegastats and check the system status. If the loading is high in most time, please execute sudo jetson_clocks to get maximum throughput.

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