Will ISP IP Be Required For CSI-2 Cameras For Jetson?


Will ISP IP be required to get CSI-2 based cameras to work via the expansion port?
After taking a quick look at the available source, seems a lot of the hooks are ready
minus a published driver for the CSI-2 interface on the Tegra.

Maybe I missed something - just wanted to ask though.

John Westmoreland

The CSI-2 ports are accessible through gstreamer API (as gstomx element). If you run gst-inspect, you will see the camera ports listed. Here’s some brief info about gstreamer http://elinux.org/Jetson/H264_Codec

Hello Dustin,

Thanks for your reply. I will take a look at the gstreamer stuff.

I take it that it lists the ports because they exist on the Tegra, or do you actually have some cameras
connected to the CSI-2 port via the expansion connector on Jetson? Just wondering.

Best Regards,
John Westmoreland

All of the available elements are listed, not only those that are currently in use.

$ gst-inspect-0.10 | grep nv_omx 
omx:  nv_omx_mpeg4enc: OpenMAX IL MPEG-4 video encoder
omx:  nv_omx_h264enc: OpenMAX IL H.264/AVC video encoder
omx:  nv_omx_h263enc: OpenMAX IL H.263 video encoder
omx:  nv_omx_vorbisdec: OpenMAX IL Vorbis audio decoder
omx:  nv_omx_amrnbenc: OpenMAX IL AMR-NB audio encoder
omx:  nv_omx_amrwbenc: OpenMAX IL AMR-WB audio encoder
omx:  nv_omx_ilbcenc: OpenMAX IL iLBC audio encoder
omx:  nv_omx_jpegenc: OpenMAX IL JPEG image encoder
omx:  nv_omx_filereadersrc: OpenMAX IL filereader src element
omx:  nv_omx_camera: OpenMAX IL camera src element
omx:  nv_omx_mpeg2dec: OpenMAX IL MPEG2 video decoder
omx:  nv_omx_mpeg4dec: OpenMAX IL MPEG-4 video decoder
omx:  nv_omx_h264dec: OpenMAX IL H.264/AVC video decoder
omx:  nv_omx_vp8dec: OpenMAX IL VP8 video decoder
omx:  nv_omx_h263dec: OpenMAX IL H.263 video decoder
omx:  nv_omx_wmvdec: OpenMAX IL WMV video decoder
omx:  nv_omx_jpegdec: OpenMAX IL JPEG decoder
omx:  nv_omx_wmadec: OpenMAX IL WMA audio decoder
omx:  nv_omx_wmaprodec: OpenMAX IL WMA audio decoder
omx:  nv_omx_wmalosslessdec: OpenMAX IL WMA audio decoder
omx:  nv_omx_mp3dec: OpenMAX IL MP3 audio decoder
omx:  nv_omx_mp2dec: OpenMAX IL MP2 audio decoder
omx:  nv_omx_aacdec: OpenMAX IL AAC audio decoder
omx:  nv_omx_aacenc: OpenMAX IL AAC audio encoder
omx:  nv_omx_vp8enc: OpenMAX IL VP8 video encoder
omx:  nv_omx_audiosink: OpenMAX IL audiosink element
omx:  nv_omx_videomixer: OpenMAX IL Nvidia Mixer component
omx:  nv_omx_videosink: OpenMAX IL videosink element
omx:  nv_omx_hdmi_videosink: OpenMAX IL hdmi videosink element
omx:  nv_omx_overlaysink: OpenMAX IL overlaysink element
omx:  nv_omx_vip: OpenMAX IL vip src element
omx:  nv_omx_camera2: Nvidia OMX Camera2

nv_omx_camera2 is likely the element to use, it has a lot of camera properties available. One thing I noticed in R19.3, only gstreamer-0.10 has the nv_omx plugins implemented (not gstreamer-1.0 yet).

I haven’t found a MIPI CSI-2 1x4 or 1x1 compatible with the Jetson yet, let us know if you do.

Thanks for the reply Dustin.

I will let you know if I find something.

John W.