Will it support Connectex-6/ dGPU? Both? Neither of the two?

Will it have drivers/ support for network cards e.g.

Will it support dGPU e.g. Previous Generation Desktop Graphics Cards | NVIDIA Quadro via NVgpuswitch as is implemented with AGX clara?
Clara AGX Developer Kit Unboxing and Setup - YouTube

Both? Neither of the two?

We’re checking with internal team to see if more info to share. Thanks

There is no plan right now, we will look to have support for ConnectX-6 at a future date.

Hi @kayccc

According to Nvidia, Orin devkit will get validated with MCX621102AN-ADAT - ConnectX®-6 Dx 25Gb by Summer 2022.

Could you confirm which dGPU’s will be supported, please?


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