Will Jetson NX Linux driver work with a Raspberry Pi v2 cameras (IMX219) "clone"?


We plan to design our board with Jetson Xavier NX, and want to put the camera IMX219-D160 directly on board instead of using Raspi v2 driver board, So it means we need design our own driver board. And we expected it can work with the built-in driver of Jetson image. But I find on this page: Project | Raspberry Pi Camera v2.1 Reversed | Hackaday.io , it seems Raspi can only work with it’s ‘official’ driver board. So, are there same limitations on Jetson?


You need to make sure all the pins are the same then the built in driver can working normally.

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@ShaneCCC I don’t know if you familiar with Raspi v2 camera or not. It has a ATSHA204A on the driver board, please see the link in my previous post, Can I remove it in our own board? Will Jetson try to access this chip or totally omit it?


Don’t know about ATSHA204A, below are the built in driver support without any modify.

Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2